There  may be times when using  any VPN that you find you cannot connect, or  you cannot access a  particular site. On such occasions, a good step to  try is to change the  protocol you are using. It may be, for example,  that you are away from  home, in an airport, hotel, or even at a  friend’s house, and the router  or firewalls don't permit certain types  of protocols through, and they  are disabled entirely. Alternatively,  you may find a site stops working  with the VPN because the site can  detect a connection using a particular  VPN protocol, but not another.

We have listed the alternative protocols we recommend trying in such   circumstances, in the hope that it helps you use our services to  greater  effect, and get the very most out of your VPN.




    1. OpenVPN GUI.

    2. IKEv2.

    3. L2TP/IPSec.

    4. PPTP.



    1. IKEv2.

    2. OpenVPN (Tunnelblick).

    3. IKEv1 (Cisco IPSec).

    4. L2TP.



    1. IKEv2.

    2. IKEv1 (Cisco IPSec).

    3. L2TP.

    4. OpenVPN Connect.


    1. OpenVPN Connect.

    2. IKEv2.

    3. Cisco IPSec (IKEv1).

    4. L2TP.

The protocols are listed from the strongest to weakest in terms of protection. Click on each protocol to open our guide.