PPTP Windows Phone 8.1 Setup Guide


The following guide outlines the steps necessary to install & configure BoxPN using PPTP on your Windows 8.1 phone / mobile device:

1.   Open your Windows 8.1 device "PC Settings" app:

2.     Select "Control Panel" from the bottom of the PC Settings list;

3.    Select "Network and Internet":

4.    Select "Set up a network connection or network"

5.    Select "Connect to a workplace", then click "Next":

6.    Select "Use my Internet connection (VPN)":

7.    Enter the server address of the BoxPN server that you wish to connect to in the "Internet address" field, and the "Destination name" fields.  For Destination Name; we recommend naming your connections according to the server / location; IE.  BoxPN - Montreal, BoxPN - Chicago, etc.  The complete list of server addresses for BoxPN can be found here; please note that your BoxPN username are required for access.  Click "Create" once you have entered information in both fields:

8.    The BoxPN server / location that you just added will now appear in your device's "Network" list.  The Networks list on your device may be accessed by clicking on the Connection icon located in your taskbar, or through your Networks list.

9.    To connect; click on the BoxPN server / location you wish to connect to, then click "Connect" located below the server selected.  You will then be required to enter your BoxPN username and password, then click "OK" to initiate the connection between your device and our servers.

10.   If your connection is successful; the status of the connection will be listed as "Connected" in your Networks list.