A VPN (Virtual Private Network) extends a private network across the Internet.  It enables your computer or network-enabled device to send and received data privately across public and shared networks as though it was a private and direct connection.  A VPN is created by establishing a virtual point-to-point connection by using dedicated connections, virtual tunneling protocols, or traffic encryption.

The benefits to using a VPN include:

  • Anonymous Browsing:  When browsing the internet while connected to a VPN, your actual IP address is hidden to the websites you are browsing. This means they aren't tracking and recording your data & activities, using it to display annoying advertisements targeted specifically to you, or re-selling your data to 3rd parties.
  • Access Content & Websites From Other Countries:  Some websites will restrict, or even block access entirely, depending on the location you are browsing from.  Access your favourite websites & content from anywhere in the world, without encountering the dreaded "This content cannot be viewed from your location" message due to Internet censorship.
  • Prevent Eavesdropping & Having Your Digital Footprint Tracked:  A VPN will hide your IP address to protect your data from hackers, governments, ISP providers, and any other prying eyes.

BoxPN ensures all of your online activities are 100% secure by acting as the middleman between you and the Internet.  You simply connect to our VPN servers from your computer and/or mobile device(s), which then encrypts your information and data, providing you with complete online anonymity and unrestricted access to your favorite websites and web-based services.

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