BoxPN MacOS application is available to download!  

Installation Instructions:
  1. Download the BoxPN for MacOS app from our site via this link, install it.
  2. Open application and enter your BoxPN username and password.
  3. Connect to any of the servers listed simply by selecting the server from the drop-down server list.
  4. Once the connection is successful; you are free to browse the web anonymously and securely!

Application features:

  • Kill Switch - protects you from exposing your real ip address, in case your connection to vpn server is dropped.

  • Connection to BoxPN vpn servers  is established using one of the most secure protocol - IPsec IKEv2.

  • Application is supported on MacOS version 10.11 or higher.

Please contact Support if you have any questions about BoxPN for MacOS, or require technical assistance.