1. Open configuration menu in top right corner of desktop. Click on "Wired Settings"

2.Click on the "+" button in the left bottom part of window

3.Click on "VPN"

4.Select "Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP)"

5. In "Add Network Connection" window:

  • In point on the screenshot - enter the name of connection (Any name you like, e.g Canada or BoxPN)
  • In point 2 (Gateway) - enter server address. You can find it in your client area on BoxPN.com
  • Enter your username in username field (point 3)
  • Choose password store type - press on the blue icon with question mark in the right of Password field. Choose "Store password only for this user".

        NOTE: by default, you can't enter you password in this window until you choose "Store password"

  • Click "Advanced" (point 5). Choose "Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)" and "Send PPP echo packets". Press "OK"

  • Click "Add"

6. Close window

7. Open configuration menu in top right corner of desktop, select "VPN" and click "Connect"

Now you are anonymous.