In the App list, go to “Settings”.

Select VPN

Turn on the VPN status.

Click the “plus” button to create a new vpn profile.

In Server name field put the boxpn L2TP server address. ( all server list you can find here.)

In Type field choose: “L2TP with IPSec

Click on Connect using and choose: user name+password+preshared key.

Input the following Preshared Key in appropriate field: s3CuREpaSs412

Set Connect automatically to: On

Change Send all traffic status to: On

Profile name: Give the profile a name to identify this connection.

Tap save.

Tap on created profile to connect to VPN.

When VPN connection is established Status shows Connected.

And you should be able to see a padlock right above your wireless connection icon.

This means that your internet connection is encrypted.