Compare the 3 suggested protocols to use with our software to decide which protocol best suits your needs:

OpenVPN™ L2TP / IPsec PPTP
Encryption 160-bit 256-bit 256-bit 128-bit
Security Highest encryption. Authenticates data with digital certificates. Highest encryption. Checks data integrity & encapsulates the data twice Basic encryption
Speed Fastest: Best performing protocol with fast speeds even on connections with high latency & across distances. Reduced: Requires more CPU processing to encapsulate your data twice. Fast due to lower encryption.
Stability Most reliable & stable: Masks VPN traffic so that it cannot be identified as a VPN connection via deep packet inspection & blocked. Stab on NAT-supported devices Works well with most Wi-Fi hotspots, very stable.
Compatibility Supported by most desktop computer operating systems, as well as Android mobile & tablet devices. Native in most desktop, mobile, & tablet devices.operating systems Native in most desktop, mobile, & tablet devices.operating systems
Conclusion OpenVPN™ is the recommended protocol for most desktop operating systems including Windows, Mac OS X, & Linux. This protocol ensures the highest performance with fast, reliable, and secure service. L2TP/IPsec is your best choice is OpenVPN is not support by your device or operating system, and security is of the utmost priority. PPTP is a easy to install & use protocol. It is a good choice if your device or operating system does not support OpenVPN.